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What is DEET?
Who can use DEET?
What is the primary objective of DEET?
Is DEET exclusively accessible as an iOS and Android app, or may people access it with a web browser?
Is DEET affiliated with any specific industries or sectors?
How does DEET ensure the security of user data?
In what ways does DEET leverage technology to improve the hiring process?
Is DEET planning to expand its services to cover additional regions in the future?
Can one access both job seeker and employer account from a single phone number/mail id?
What measures does DEET take to ensure diversity and inclusion in job matching?
How often does DEET update its database of job listings and candidate profiles?
Can people share their feedback about the general experience and UI of the platform?
What measures does DEET take to guarantee a flawless online and mobile app user experience?
Are there plans for DEET to collaborate with educational institutions or training programs?
Is DEET considering partnerships with industry-specific organizations for enhanced job opportunities?
How does DEET leverage user feedback to improve its platform and services?
How does DEET handle technical issues or glitches reported by users on the platform?
Are there forums/community features or other groups for users to connect and share about jobs and insights on DEET?
Does DEET have plans to integrate emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence into its platform?
How does DEET make sure that every user has an impartial and equitable hiring process?
How Do I Delete My DEET Telangana - Job Portal Account?

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